5 Reasons You’re Better Off Blogging


After becoming interested in blogging several years ago, last year, I finally summoned up the courage to start my journey. Twenty posts later, I am more passionate than ever about the benefits this platform brings. As I’ve pushed myself to balance my own creation and consumption, the reasons behind why I blog and why I think YOU should, too, are purpose-driven and compelling.


Chronicle Your Thinking – Any educator worth their weight in salt is also a life-long  learner. What one learns over the course of even one year is mind-boggling and using blogging as a way to organize your learning is a worthwhile, beneficial endeavor. To document not only your learning, but your evolving thinking, is a powerful tool that can be thought of as a professional portfolio.Screenshot 2019-04-28 14.12.58

Tell Your Story – Whatever role you serve in, as an educator, you have a personal brand. Your brand is a direct result of the story you tell others through your words and actions. There are many ways to own your story while honoring your impact and blogging gives you a platform to delve deeply into what you believe and the ripples you make.quote story

Create – In a world where there is a record amount of content to consume, each of us can get caught in the rut of taking in content. While this can be as brainless as binging on a tv show or as useful as reading an inspiring book, only when you sit down to a blank screen and are digging deep within yourself to actually create something from nothing will you know how empowering and rewarding it can be. Level up your thinking. Go and create. Yes, even if it sucks. Because next time it will suck less. And then again and again. All of a sudden, you will have created something that is so suckless, it may even be great.create

Be Vulnerable – Educators believe and know the power of personal reflection. Pair that capacity with an authentic audience and the benefits multiply exponentially. Blogging is transparent reflection in the truest sense. It is a place where you are forced to process your thoughts for a community for whom you have agreed to be vulnerable. Expressing struggles, wrangling with beliefs, celebrating successes, honoring the impact of others, and getting messy with your journey are huge steps on your path to greatness and all worthy reasons to get writing.vulnerability (1)

Be Generous – The idea from Derek Sivers, “Everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. So maybe what’s obvious to me is amazing to someone else?” is maybe the most compelling reason to blog. Never underestimate your ideas and how much sharing those will benefit others. Generous people change the world one small gift at time.


Go believe in yourself and decide to be courageous. You have greatness to share with the world so start connecting and sharing. Not only will you be helping others along their journey, but you’ll also find yourself moving further along on yours.

Are you ready? If so, I’d love to connect! Tweet and tag me (@me1odystacy) to share. Or feel free to start a conversation by commenting below.

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