Top 10 Leadership Podcasts: October 2022


Leaders are generous learners, seeking out new ways to grow while sharing their learning with others.

And podcasts are one of my favorite ways to do this! 🤓

Here are my Top 10 favorite October leadership podcasts that inspired & challenged me.

Read through individually or SPOILER ALERT, you can skip to the end for a curated playlist of all ten!


1. Ted Talks Daily: The secret ingredients of great hospitality

Will Guidara takes us through the power of “unreasonable hospitality.” How do we create extraordinary experiences for those we serve?

👉 Be present.

👉 Don’t take yourself too seriously.

👉 One size fits one.

2. Dare to Lead: Brené with Adam Grant and Simon Sinek on What’s Happening at Work, Part 1 of 2

These three brilliant minds together? WOW!

🤔 What determines a high performer?

🤔 Are our core values aligned with performance reviews?

🤔 What makes a great team?

3. The Greg McKeown Podcast: Anti-Time Management with Richie Norton

Learning how to project-stack & asking yourself, “Am I timing my values instead of valuing my time?” leads to lots of other goodness in this 2-part episode.

4. The Marie Forleo Podcast: 2 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

A visualization technique combined with two prompts equals a powerful combo that still has me reflecting and sharing with everyone around.

This one’s quick but mighty.💥

5. The Knowledge Project: Neil Pasricha: Simple Rules for Happiness

The monthly dashboard reflection (as seen by my rough sketch below) is worth the price of admission.

🚥 Self-assess using stoplight colors and adjust for next month when one component is off-balance.

6. At the Table with Patrick Lencioni: Success is Messy

Bad news? Success isn’t linear or clean & maintaining is just as messy.

Good news? Every great team, family, individual is imperfect. Embrace it! Our humanness leads to awesomeness.

7. Lead from the Heart: Alex Budak How To Lead The Change You Want To See In The World?

🌎 Be the leader & change maker the world needs in a way that’s authentic and leads you to where you want to be.

🤩 Hooked yet?

8. Adam Grant‘s ReThinking: Reese Witherspoon on turning imposter syndrome into confidence

🤓 Chase your talents, not your dreams.

👊 If your ego’s bigger than our mission, you don’t belong here.

🤩 Moments of doubt aren’t a sign you lack ability but are more likely that the task is hard.

9. The Greg McKeown Podcast: The Only Business Metric That Matters with Jeremy Utley

💡 Every problem is an idea problem.

💡 How can I generate MORE ideas & then let them incubate before moving too quickly to implementation?

10. Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak: Gallup’s Insights on Addressing Unhappiness with Jon Clifton

⏳ We spend A LOT of time at work so we need leaders who value wellness and intentionally build connections.

🤩 A great life is through your strengths.


🎧 Want to give these a listen? Check out my Top 10 Leadership Podcasts from October 2022 playlist here.

And once you listen and hear something that resonates with you (because I guarantee you will!), share and tag me!

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