Top 10 Leadership Podcasts: January 2023


Leaders are generous learners, seeking out new ways to grow while sharing their learning with others.

And podcasts are one of my favorite ways to do this! 🤓

Here are my Top 10 favorite January leadership podcasts that inspired & challenged me.

Read through individually or SPOILER ALERT, you can skip to the end for a curated playlist of all ten!


1. At the Table: Start With Yourself

Patrick Lencioni talks through a powerful self-audit that helps you reflect on:

🤔 Your Working Genius and the natural gifts God has given you.

🤔 Your past experience and how that is affecting you.

🤔 Your current life situation.

🤔 Your current work situation.

🤩 Your aspirations for the new year.

2. The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk: How to Build Your Idea Muscle

Jesse Cole, owner of Savannah Bananas owner, talks:

💡 Ideas are about quantity.

👎 If you haven’t been criticized lately, you’re playing it too safe.

🙏 The importance of practicing gratitude and how it changed his life.

🤝 How to focus on longterm results & create fans for life, rather than the shorter and customers, which are transactional.

His advice is to, “Give without asking for anything in return. Give, give, give.”

3. Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Creating a Climate for Creative Thinking

7 things to create a culture that rewards creativity:

⁉️ Question old assumptions

💡 Get people together to generate as many ideas as possible

🏆 Make sure the best ideas win

🤔 Learn from your failures

⛰ Adapt old ideas to new challenges

📝 Find a way to capture good ideas

🙌 Share the credit with the people who have the good ideas

4. 2 Pages with MBS: How to Find Your Values: Whitney Johnson

As Whitney reads from her book, Dare, Dream, Do, she shares how we dream within our core values.

Take time to reflect on, clarify, and articulate your core values.

And how did Whitney do this? She used song lyrics and quotes to represent hers. #genius

5. Ted Talks Daily The Secret to a Happy Life – Lessons from 8 Decades of Research

Robert Waldinger, psychiatrist leading the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest running research study on humans.

After studying hundreds of people from adolescence through old age, the happiest & healthiest people have one thing in common – they have strong, warm connections with others.

Not only do warm relationships keep us physically healthier and our minds stronger as we age, these essential connections also are stress regulators.

Like physical fitness, we need to continually strengthen our social fitness by nurturing those relationships which are important to us.

Listen for more about how to strengthen the kind of connections we need.

6. The Marie Forleo Podcast: Hate Deadlines? Use This Strategy to Set a Realistic Timeline for Your #1 Goal

Dan Ariely did a study several years back where he had three different groups of students. One had no deadline, one set their own deadline, and one had a deadline set for them.

The group with no deadline performed the worst and the one with an externally-set deadline performed the best.

Deadlines can be uncomfortable but they work. They help us get things done and perform at our best.

To decide what kind of deadlines you need, ask yourself, “What’s MOST important to you at this stage and season of your life?”

  • If getting the project complete is important, then set a deadline.
  • If enjoying the process is important, then explore and fall in love with the experience.

7 . A Bit of Optimism: High Performance

Simon Sinek + Divesh Makan = #awesomeness

🤗 3 reasons people choose to work with you: I like you, I trust you, and I think you’re smart. And in that order.

🖼 Living life as a mosaic: Take the great things from each connection and make them your own.

❓ The question behind the question: Why leaders go through a crisis of trust and how to get through it.

🧠 Why our sub-conscience brain needs space: If our conscience brain can access about 2 feet of information around us, our sub-conscience brain can access 11 acres.

8. The Greg McKeown Podcast: The Disproportionate Power of Language

Referencing one of my favorite leadership reads of all time, McKeown shares how David Marquet in Turn the Ship Around! used a simple shift of language to take his naval submarine, The Santa Fe, from last in the fleet to top in record time. He took a ship with one leader and 134 followers to 135 leaders, creating a leader-leader culture.

Marquet’s big advice – “If you want people to think, give them intent, not instruction.”

Combine this with Amy Edmonson’s research on creating psychological safety and you have a listen worth any leader’s time.

9. The Daily Stoic with Ryan Holiday: You Can’t Keep It From Happening

Like Judd Apatow when he arrived to Hollywood, the Stoics understood that feelings like panic, stress, and anxiety aren’t preventable. And if suppressed, they come exploding out in less than desirable ways.

What we can do is notice our emotions and the patterns that emerge so we can learn from them and understand where the offramps are.

We can get become a little wiser, creating perspective and responding a little better each time.

10. How to Be Awesome at Your Job: How to End Micromanagement Once and For All with Lia Garvin

Micromanagement is bad for so many reasons. It not only leads to burnout for leaders but team members tend to leave organizations because they aren’t being given opportunities to grow.

Stop this all-too-common trend by learning:

😳 3 telltale signs of micromanagement

🤗 How to stop micromanaging

😌 What to do if your manager is micromanaging


🎧 Want to give these a listen? Check out my Top 10 Leadership Podcasts from January 2023 playlist here.

And once you listen and hear something that resonates with you (because I guarantee you will!), share and tag me!

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