Top 10 Leadership Podcasts: February 2023


Leaders are generous learners, seeking out new ways to grow while sharing their learning with others.

And podcasts are one of my favorite ways to do this! 🤓

Here are my Top 10 favorite February leadership podcasts that inspired & challenged me.

Read through individually or SPOILER ALERT, you can skip to the end for a curated playlist of all ten!


1.The Greg McKeown Podcast: How to Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Uri Levine, creator of Waze, shares leadership wisdom including:

💪 If you’re afraid of failing, you’ve already failed. Imagine you’re trying to make a half-court basketball shot. The longer you wait to start shooting (and most likely failing), the less likely you are to actually make the shot.

💪 There are multiple ways to solve a problem. When you focus on the solution, you are focusing on only one way to solve a problem. When you focus on the problem, you can focus on finding the best way to solve a problem.

💪 You are a sample of one. Get out of your head and start asking others for their ideas and feedback. When you start finding a pattern, it’s time to stop thinking and start acting.

2. The Elevate Podcast: Building a Team of Impact Players

Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers and Impact Players, talks about the five things Impact Players do that Ordinary Contributors don’t.

Impact Players:

  • Do the job that needs to be done.
  • Step up then step back.
  • Finish stronger.
  • Ask and adjust.
  • Make work light for others.

Liz shares how these five characteristics show up, how to hire for and nurture impact players.

3. The School of Greatness: 3 Daily Habits to Improve Your Life

Lewis Holmes talks with James Clear about the 3 non-negotiable habits that people should do on a daily basis:

📚 Reading: Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Exercise: Get moving doing something you enjoy to live an active lifestyle.

🤔 Reflection: Find consistent time to understand how to course adjust.

Add in what to ask yourself to learn how to use your time more efficiently and this is another wowza interview with one of my favs.

4. 2 Pages with MBS: How to Move from Pessimism to Optimism with Ayse Birsel

Reading from The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, Ayse shares the link between creating and optimism plus wisdom on how to nurture an optimistic mindset and maintain creative habits.

🤩 How do I go from what I know today, to what I can imagine in the future?

🤩 Pessimism is seeing the problems, optimism is seeing the problems as opportunities.

5. Re:Thinking: Bringing out the good in kids – and parents

Adam Grant talks with Dr. Becky Kennedy about tons of parenting and leadership overlap in the systems we work & live in.

👉 The problem with saying, “I just want my kids to be successful.”

👉 What are the two jobs of a parent?

👉 Questions we ask are some of our most powerful interventions.

👉 Performance review for parents including “How connected do I feel to my kid?”

👉 Ask for feedback and co-create solutions to problems.

6. On Purpose with Jay Shetty: 4 Steps to Be More Productive Tomorrow & How to Stop Letting Pressure From Others Control You

So many great takeaways from this conversation with serial entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and inspirational speaker, Ed Mylett.

😌 Don’t look for calm, create it. And how to create a morning routine that embraces positivity.

🆖 The two, equally harmful, opposite sides of ego.

🤲 Being in service of others is a reflection of our inner self.

💭 How to distance yourself from others’ dreams.

⚖️ Balance thinking and action, the two things that create impact in our life.

7 . Focus on This: Change Your Mindset & Accomplish Your Goals

Megan Hyatt Miller talks about why our mindset is key to achieving our goals.

We all have a narrator – the internal voice and that voice tells us stories that strongly influence our actions. Our narrator creates bias towards certain actions.

None of us were born with this. But good news! This is a skill we can develop.

Our brain connects facts with interpretations. As it does this, ask, “What else could be true here?”

What we’re trying to do is just pry our little white-knuckled fingers off this story and how it feels so true. We’re trying to get our brain to, instead, say, “Something else might be true here that’s more empowering.”

🤩 Imagine a better story and our brain becomes our ally. 🤩

Possibility, what we’re capable of, what actually is within the realm of our influence and control to achieve is actually far greater than what we’ve thought up to this point. #bam

8. Lead from the Heart: How to Live More Happy Hours

Cassie Holmes, author of Happier Hour, shares how the feeling of being time-poor can make us resentful and unhappy.

🎨 We are the artist of our time, not just an observer.

“The mosaic we create is the magnificent life that we get to live.”

⏰ We don’t really need much more free time to make us content.

A key study shows people are happiest with just 2-5 hours of discretionary time/day (ironically, when we’re given more than this, we grow bored, wanting more to challenge us.)

⏳ When we realize time is precious, we become more prone to savor even the simplest of moments.

Start a countdown to remind yourself how routine events are precious and numbered.

9. How Leaders Lead: Value Those You Lead

Bill Rhodes, CEO of AutoZone, on how his deep and genuine admiration for his people, whom he calls AutoZoners, drives how he makes decisions, implements, finds and trains talent.

👉 When we truly respect those we lead, we see leadership for the privilege it really is. It’s the secret to getting big things done – and to getting the kind of growth we all want to have.

👉 Create a company culture that’s not for everybody. Just means you’ve created something special, making it clear who is a good fit.

👉 Test out ideas in small ways to see if they are good, then adjust or move forward in a big way.

10. Coaching for Leaders: How to Discover What Others Value with Joe Hart

👉 Great leaders are skilled at perspective-taking. 👈

Dale Carnegie CEO Joe Hart on using 3 types of questions to frame conversations uncovering others’ values.


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