Top 10 Leadership Podcasts: March 2023


Leaders are generous learners, seeking out new ways to grow while sharing their learning with others.

And podcasts are one of my favorite ways to do this! 🤓

Here are my Top 10 favorite March leadership podcasts that inspired & challenged me.

Read through individually or SPOILER ALERT, you can skip to the end for a curated playlist of all ten!


1. 2 Pages with MBS: How You Get Good at Something: McKinley Valentine

Reading from The Expectation Effect by David Robson, McKinley shares research highlighting the placebo effect and the amazing power of our mindset.

🧠 Your brain is a prediction engine that fills in the gaps of reality with your thoughts and mindset.

🧠 Your brain is overly conservative with energy. It won’t let you get anywhere close to running out. If you can convince it to let relax a bit, you’ll be able to access more.

2. Freakonomics Radio: Why Are There So Many Bad Bosses?

Freakonomics never disappoints and this episode is no exception.

Digging into the world of leadership and researching the intricacies of what it means to be a good leader, who makes good leaders, and what implications this has on a team.

👉 Leadership requires a specific set of skills. Just because someone is good in their current role doesn’t mean they’ll be good or happy in a leadership role.

👉 Studies show that job performance is affected by leadership quality in primarily technical jobs and not so much in nontechnical positions.

👉 The one factor that is highly correlated to the caliber of leadership? Employee retention. People who are good at their jobs tend to leave at a higher rate when they don’t have effective leadership.

3. Hidden Brain: Revealing Your Unconscious

How is it that we can hold negative stereotypes, without being aware of them?

Learn the fascinating story behind psychologist Mahzarin Banaji, creator of the Implicit Association Test and author of Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, and what her research has revealed about our beliefs and behaviors.

Lots of key takeaways here with implications for all of us.

4. At the Table: The Never-Ending Meeting

We’ve all experienced those meetings that seem to go on, and on, and on, and… No end in sight with only backward momentum created.

Patrick Lencioni and team share a unique meeting strategy to a:

⏰ faster decision making model built on a foundation of trust that provides clarity at each stage.

🙌 seemingly messy but actually efficient and effective way to keep pushing ideas forward.

🤔 invite discernment and buy-in with permission to reinvent and layer feedback.

5. A Bit of Optimism: Down A Rabbit Hole

Listening to Simon Sinek and Seth Godin talk is like eavesdropping on a life and leadership masterclass.

❤️ What does it mean to do something with love?

💥 Let’s get real or let’s not play.

💡 Great ideas are not like magic tricks.

💯 Having a mantra of “this might not work.”

🚫 Saying no gets you out of trouble.

6. Ted Talks Daily The Unexpected Key to Boosting Your Productivity

Dan Shipper, CEO and co-founder of Every, a daily newsletter on business, AI, and personal development, shares why sometimes strategies or hacks work and sometimes they don’t.

The best trick to your own personal path to productivity?

👉Realize the idea of being a machine is a trap that blinds us to our actual problems, thus getting in the way of our productivity.

We are emotional beings and, to be more productive, we need to understand how our emotions affect us.

The most productive people do these things to effectively master their emotions:

  • Create awareness.
  • Observe without judgment.
  • Keep experimenting.

Productivity is ultimately about our brains, bodies, and how our emotions guide us.

7 . How to Be Awesome at Your Job: The Six Words that Dramatically Increase Your Impact

Jonah Berger, auther of Magic Words, shares how the words you choose play a huge role in the impact you make.

💬 Asking what you “could” do instead of “should” do helps you become a better problem-solver.

💬 Using identity-based language (“Be a helper” instead “Help”) not only is more impactful in the short-term, it also leaves a longer lasting impression, both for yourself and others.

💬 Asking questions can make you seem more competent and be more likable.

💬 Speaking with certainty makes you more persuasive.

💬 Communicate that you’re listening by using concrete language.

8. Maxwell Leadership Podcast: The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Three major differences:

  • Thinking
    • Successful people daily think realistically about their problems and positive ways with which to approach them.
    • Unsuccessful people think unrealistically about their problems and hope that everything works out.
  • Feeling
    • Successful people know their behavior determines their feelings.
    • Unsuccessful people allow their feelings to determine their behavior.
  • Doing
    • Successful people initiate and complete.
    • Unsuccessful people fail to do both.
    • You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.

9. The Marie Forleo Podcast: How to Deal with Failure

One of my all-time favs, Seth Godin, shares a unique strategy to be more mindful, present, and curious, leading to the ability to live a better life.

🎲 The next time something happens you don’t want, treat it like playing a board game.

  • Act like you’re playing Monopoly and you’re like, “Wow, I just landed on park place and there are apartments on it!”
  • This not only allows you to approach situations with joy rather than fear, but it helps you get better at the game.

10. The Daily Stoic with Ryan Holiday: There Is No Greatness Without This

Stillness is the key to leadership.

The world today does not understand, in either man or woman, the need to be alone. Actually, these are among the most important times in one’s life – when one is alone. Certain springs are tapped only when we are alone. The artists knows he must be alone to create; the writer to work out his thoughts; the musician, to compose; the saint, to pray.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

It’s hard to justify time for ourselves, but we need that intentional time to step away, retreat into our own soul, reflect, evaluate, prepare and anticipate.


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