Rally Your Crew with a Squad Challenge

INSPIRE Within a matter of hours, our entire world seemed upside down and out of focus. While we had known for a while of the possibility it could come, the domino effect for our family had been shockingly quick and surprisingly unsettling. Our story in those first days of the COVID-19 shutdown is is not... Continue Reading →

2019 Letter to the #TMGenius Tribe

To the loyal and awesome members of the #TMGenius tribe (aka TM leaders, geniuses, and proud families): I was inspired to begin this tradition of writing a letter to our tribe this year when my good friend and leadership coach, Danny Bauer, shared his third annual letter and the reasoning behind this valuable practice. (Interested... Continue Reading →

Our PLC Story

INSPIRE After an all-call, many unfamiliar faces gathered to greet me in the lobby. While I can’t remember the exact words I said, I do remember the gist of my very first message to my new staff, “My first objective will be to learn. Learn about you, what your hopes are, who our students need... Continue Reading →

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