Want to Be a Leader? Do These 2 Things

REFLECT A positive leader, in the purest form, is someone who influences the people and environment around them for the better. In John G. Miller's book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, he explores and outlines how to eliminate blame, victim thinking, complaining, and procrastination and walks through how you can apply this both in... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You’re Better Off Blogging

INSPIRE After becoming interested in blogging several years ago, last year, I finally summoned up the courage to start my journey. Twenty posts later, I am more passionate than ever about the benefits this platform brings. As I've pushed myself to balance my own creation and consumption, the reasons behind why I blog and why... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Brand?

INSPIRE brand /brand/ noun a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. "a new brand of detergent" I don't know about you, but making detergent isn't on my list of things I typically do during the day. So as educators, what does having a brand mean for us? And why is it... Continue Reading →

Speak Into Possibility

INSPIRE A co-worker approaches you after a long day and starts complaining about ________ (you can fill in the blank). You heartily agree and begin adding to the story with your own rendition of said complaint. In the blink of an eye, not only are the two of you venturing down a rabbit hole of... Continue Reading →

5 Days, 5 Stories + 5 Tips

INSPIRE My official title: Melody Stacy, Principal My preferred titles: Melody Stacy, Believer-in-Chief, Lead Learner, Head Culture Creator, Chief Energy Officer, Chief Storyteller Chief Storyteller? Yes! I believe in the power of stories and realize the responsibility we have as educators and leaders to tell our stories to help change the narrative and create a... Continue Reading →

What Is School For?

INSPIRE In my last post, What Is Your Why?, I reflected on the first of two questions from Seth Godin's manifesto (also featured in his TEDtalk, Stop Stealing Dreams). Danny Bauer kicks off his book, The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap, by asking and challenging others to answer these questions. Why do we do what we do? What... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Why?

INSPIRE In a recent post, How Morning Affirmations Help You Take on the Impossible, I referenced the story of Colin O’Brady who, to many's amazement, accomplished the incredible feat of walking solo across Antarctica. As Colin shared his story, he spoke of his purpose, wanting to do something bigger than himself and inspiring others to take on the impossible... Continue Reading →

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