Melody Stacy @me1odystacy

I am a passionately positive educator who has been geeking out about how to create excellence in public schools for 21 years now. I am a former high school math teacher (AP Calculus and AP Statistics were my jam), secondary curriculum resource specialist, middle school assistant principal, and elementary assistant principal. Currently, I am the principal, aka Lead Learner, Chief Storyteller, Head Culture Creator, and Chief Energy Office, at Taylor Mill Elementary @TME_tigers in Northern Kentucky.

I’m here to seek out and inspire the greatness in others, whether it was when I was teacher, my staff now that I’m principal or those in my . At my core is an unshakeable belief in education as the great equalizer.

I am an advocate of all things nerdy and love digital tools that amplify school culture and student success. My tribes include #TMGenius, #KYGoDigital, #LeadLAP, #JoyfulLeaders, and anyone who is ready to shake up the status quo. Together, we are brilliant, and I’m always ready to be remarkable for our students.

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