100 Bad Ideas

INSPIRE You and a group of friends are heading out for an impromptu lunch. As you're heading out, someone asks, "Where are we going?" followed by several others adding the obligatory "I don't care"s and "You decide"s. It's as if no one has any idea where to eat. Now imagine you speak up, sharing "Let's... Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Lead from Anywhere

INSPIRE Being a leader is not only more than a title, it doesn't even need one. Excellent organizations have leaders everywhere and excellent people lead from where they are. Leaders don't wait for opportunities to arrive like a neatly packaged present on a doorstep. People who decide to be a leader, regardless of position, create... Continue Reading →

11 Ways Leadership Outlasts Authority

INSPIRE "Hey boss!" It's a greeting anyone on our team knows will make me cringe and it's now become a funny, friendly back and forth that predictably ends with me replying, "You know I don't like that title." The kind of pseudo leadership that depends on a "boss" title is the kind that, while possibly... Continue Reading →

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