15 Ways to Lead from Anywhere


Being a leader is not only more than a title, it doesn’t even need one. Excellent organizations have leaders everywhere and excellent people lead from where they are.

Leaders don’t wait for opportunities to arrive like a neatly packaged present on a doorstep. People who decide to be a leader, regardless of position, create opportunities.

Are you wondering how you build these paths? Do you feel stuck, a victim of your circumstances? Or maybe you have a hunch that you’re already leading?

In Want to Be a Leader? Do These 2 Things, I describe two things required in order to be a leader: practice personal accountability and be a positive contributor. While these are two essential elements of being an influencer of others, leaders show up in many different ways.


1. You are continually learning, growing, and improving. If you’re committed to being 1% better each day, always observing, listening, reflecting, doing more, and working with excellence as the goal, you are a leader.

2. You share your learning. Leaders are generous which means you don’t keep knowledge and lightbulb moments to yourself.

3. You share your genius. Being a generous leader is also knowing what special, unique greatness you have and then finding ways to align your genius to make a positive contribution. Leaders are confident in their strengths and freely offer those in ways that are helpful to others and the team.

3. You see possibility in all situations. Challenges and obstacles are a part of life. To be a leader, reframe your perspective and seek out the opportunities. All of a sudden problems disappear and new paths reveal themselves.

4. You are self-aware. Do you know how you are feeling and how that is affecting your impact? Are you aware of how others perceive you? Increasing your emotional intelligence through self-awareness is key to leading.

5. You focus on creating solutions instead of complaining about problems. Rather than wasting time talking about things you can’t control, leaders bring new ideas to the table and find new ways of improving situations.

6. You share positive gossip. Leaders stay away from typical, negative gossip, knowing that it is harmful to everyone including themselves. Sharing other people’s awesomeness and celebrating their achievements with others is what leaders do.

7. You value others. If you appreciate the differences in others, celebrating their uniqueness and what makes them the special human they are, you are a leader.

8. You co-elevate. Leaders seek out ways to connect with others and leverage collaboration in ways that create win-win situations.

9. You don’t take yourself too seriously. Life and leadership are best when lived through a lens of perspective. Realize that it is not all about you, be adaptable, and be willing to laugh at yourself. Do this and you are a leader.

9. You are resilient. As tough times come, leaders stay calm and have the skills to persevere. And if you not only keep yourself focused on the goal but are able to calm others through stormy waters, you are a leader.

10. You are comfortable being uncomfortable. If you realize that the magic of growth happens outside of your comfort zone and are willing to make your way through the waters of vulnerability that taking risks requires, knowing that failure is part of it, then you are a leader.

11. You practice gratitude. Leaders nurture the important habit of noticing and reflecting on things they’re thankful for. If you regularly express appreciation for both the big and small, you are a leader.

12. You bring positive energy. Have you heard the saying, “Be the thermostat, not the thermometer”? Leaders influence others by exuding the kind of positivity that is both realistic and optimistic. Leaders are dealers in hope and their energy is contagious.

13. You model your core values. A leader’s actions speak the loudest to what they value. If people respect you because there is clear alignment with your fundamental principles, your words, and your actions, you are a leader.

14. You have a voice. Leaders are willing to speak up when something is out of line with their core values, having the courage to “care”front when necessary. (How to Carefront Like a Genius)

15. You inspire othersAs John Quincy Adams so eloquently said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”


The great thing about leadership is that everyone has the opportunity to lead every day. Everyone. Every day. What an amazing and awesome responsibility to impact others!

How do you lead? How to do you see others leading? Together we are brilliant, so I’d love to connect! Share this post by tweeting and tagging me (@me1odystacy) or feel free to start a conversation by commenting below.

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